Career Quest

Career Day for first-graders typically involves their parents standing up and teaching the class about their jobs.

For students ages 13 to 15, Career Day got an upgrade.

Students across East Tennessee attended Career Quest on Wednesday, held in the Mini Dome of East Tennessee State University. The event invited professionals in many different fields to speak with students about what their future careers could look like.

“I would have like to have known the ‘cons’ of a job [in addition to the pros],” said Ashley Loven, an eighth grade student from Greeneville Middle School.

Career Quest held interactive booths where students could try a specific skill rather than simply watching. They were able to gather hands-on experience to test if the profession would be a reasonable fit for them.

“This experience helped me learn that I might want to work with babies,” said Ryleigh Whittenburg, a classmate of Loven.

While the event was considered positive by some students, others worried about the future they were expected to build.

“This experience gave me a large variety of options,” said Loven. “But it freaked me out a little because I’m only in eighth grade, and I felt like I already needed to have my life put together.”



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